And…this is it!

So this it! Our last day at IBM, we can’t believe how fast the time has gone! We presented at the European Expo in Dublin and it went great 🙂 We met so many other teams and had a fantastic time!   As promised, here are some screenshots of our application.  A team in Hursley […]

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Basketball Time

Hi everyone! Client Butler has revamped its image! We have changed our logo and made things prettier, for both the presentations and mobile application (thanks to our design mentor, Peter!). Our team has been polishing the application and we are close to completion. This past week has been quite stressful for the team and we […]

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Urban dictionary defines the word clean as: describing an item that looks really nice.   Alex has newly adopted the word CLEAN to describe everything that is good in his life. Grace: “Alex, how do you like this UI?” Alex: “Man, that is Clean!!” James: “Alex, how do you want your coffee?” Alex: “Man, I want […]

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Extreme Q & A

Weeks 9 & 10 Oh wowza it’s week 10! Eek. The final week of development. So, what have we been up to I hear you ask. Well… the team have been working predominantly on front end functionality to incorporate all the necessary features for our MVP. Jawwad has developed the ability to locate and view […]

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Week 9: DEV DEV DEV repeat

Hi everyone, Week 9 and we can’t quite believe there are only 3 more weeks to go! Its been another busy week, with the tech interns deep into coding and business-Giulia typing up the white paper. We are well on our way to hit MVP (Minimum Viable Product) next week: facial analysis done, log-in done, […]

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The Company Analyzer

Hello everyone, Welcome back! It’s time for an update from team client butler. Since last week, our team has completed the company analyzer tool. Our clients visiting the site will be able to ask statistics about their companies. The tool analyses one tenth of all the tweets and displays relevant information about our clients’ companies. […]

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