Week 9: DEV DEV DEV repeat

Hi everyone,

Week 9 and we can’t quite believe there are only 3 more weeks to go!

Its been another busy week, with the tech interns deep into coding and business-Giulia typing up the white paper.

We are well on our way to hit MVP (Minimum Viable Product) next week: facial analysis done, log-in done, from-end retouches done.. we now need to focus on a couple key features and on making the interface look sleek!

Next week we also going to focus on getting Expo-ready and prepare for our presentation to David Stokes (IBM UK CEO) and Boots HQ.

This week for our blog we interviewed our Extreme Blue number one mentor and Manager, David Richards.

David looks after Extreme Blue at 360 degrees, from recruitment, to selecting the projects and running the program across the summer.


Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.36.55

What is your most memorable Extreme Blue moment?

I guess it is better if I don’t say it (laughs). I’ll go for presenting to David Stokes last year. It was memorable because of the rush of it, and how important it was for everyone. David Stokes was very supportive and interested and it was great to accomplish such an achievement, and I am sure this year it will be just as exciting.

What do you find most challenging about managing Extreme Blue?

Hiring the right people.

Do you think you did a good job this year?

Yes! (sounding very convinced)

How are this year’s interns different from the previous ones?

Completely different characters and team dynamics. Aside from the mix of personalities, the two sets of interns took different approaches, with this year being more “waterfally”

And once recruitment is done, what is the most difficult aspect of your job?

Making sure that everyone gets the right project learning experience and that the projects progress in the right direction

What will you miss the most about Extreme Blue?

Having a chat with the interns during the 1-to-1 weekly meetings, the people essentially

If you were an intern, what project would you want to work on, and in what role?

Different projects for different reasons. Although I think I would be better suited for a business role, I think the opportunity tech interns get to learn new programming languages in the context of a real project is amazing.

I would want to work for Client Butler because of the freedom they had in developing their solution, for O2 because it is a really cool project to talk about to people, and Boots for the client exposure.

Thank you David for your time and precious contribution to our blog!

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