And…this is it!

So this it! Our last day at IBM, we can’t believe how fast the time has gone! We presented at the European Expo in Dublin and it went great 🙂 We met so many other teams and had a fantastic time!




As promised, here are some screenshots of our application.  A team in Hursley is going to carry on the project and continue the development. Hopefully, it will soon be deployed on site and expand to other ones!

Client Butler application, where you can see three tabs: an interactive map, Watson conversations and the briefing agenda:

picture2   picture3   picture4

It’s a live agenda so it updates as clients go through their briefing sessions. Additionally, Watson can open presentation mode or the “acronym identifier”, which is powered by Watson speech to text and recognizes acronyms that are mentioned by the speakers:

picture5    picture8   picture9

Watson can also open the company analyzer, which provided information about companies by analyzing all the tweets in a period of time. If you want to check the website, go to: Twitter Analyzer

picture10    picture11    picture12

picture13   picture14    picture15

Finally, the interactive map is linked to sensors in the Hursley house that provide data about occupancy, light levels and temperature. Users can click on each room to see data corresponding to it:




We hope you enjoyed following our journey and some of you will apply to Extreme Blue in the future!



Your Client Butler


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