So close yet… so close.

We planned to complete our Minimum Viable Product by week 9, this week and looks like our plan might just work out. We have just one feature left to implement and after that we would just be refining, testing and finalising the project. Along with this, we will have to have our final presentation slides, […]

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Toys, Work, Party, Casino

” 3 Samsung Galaxy Megas, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Belkin Netcam, Belkin WeMo Smart Plug. And those are the toys we can work with now, courtesy of *Confidential Client Name*. Some of the members had a nerd fit too. This lightened up the mood of the entire team because of just how much the scale […]

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Week 6 with myThings!

The end of this week marks halfway through the Extreme Blue internship. It’s pretty crazy how fast time goes and that we’ve all been working and living together for a month and a half is a pretty staggering thought. It has been a wonderful experience having everyone around to motivate you to work hard but […]

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Team MyThings Week 3 Update

This was a big week for Team MyThings. We had our first presentation to the Hursley “public” and it was clear that we had a lot of work to do. The most important thing that came from the presentations was that we came across as unclear in our scope. The best thing about our project […]

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