Urban dictionary defines the word clean as: describing an item that looks really nice.


Alex has newly adopted the word CLEAN to describe everything that is good in his life.

Grace: “Alex, how do you like this UI?”

Alex: “Man, that is Clean!!”

James: “Alex, how do you want your coffee?”

Alex: “Man, I want it CLEAN!!”


In keeping with the teachings of our design thinking workshop we have been working to improve the UI of our website and make it look (for lack of a better word) clean.

Grace has also been spending some time working on our final presentation, and with Nathan, The Design God’s help been whipping it into shape.  The key to her success here? Keeping it CLEAN!!

Alex did some awesome and clean work last week.  Using the Alchemy Taxonomy API he was able to extract his browser history and categorise it.  And then, using our proprietary formula, create an algorithm that would accurately predict his interest from those set of URLs. OMG!!!!! CROWD GOES WILD.  yes pretty cool so far, now we just need to find a way to demo it, in you guessed it, a clean way.

James continues to work on his masterpiece, the simulation.  Codenamed “The Puppet Master” James is aiming to make it more interactive so that at the demo people will be able to change the speed of the people in waterloo as well as inject people with specific, predefined interests.

The business intern, Antony, decided to create a white paper last week so he has been fumbling around with html and css trying to put something together, so we’ll see what that looks like next week, but don’t hold your breath.


Once again, thank you for reading.

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