D3: Day to Day Data

Hello there,

8 weeks down, 4 weeks to go and The A-team is back.

Since our last blog (A-Z of Extreme Blue), the team have been buckling down to get the web app completed.

Weeks 8 & 9

Week 8: Tuesday

Whilst Emily cracked on with the white paper and the technical detail included, the technical trio integrated Bertie’s HTML and CSS into the visualisation page.

In preparation for the mentor vs mentee basketball match, the interns thought it best to throw a basketball around so that they have actually touched a basketball beforehand and, after the girls spectacularly beat the boys, it was decided that perhaps a little more practice was required.


Week 8: Wednesday

On Wednesday, the technical trio continued work on the front end of the web app. Bertie began developing the front end design using HTML and CSS and the boys started to implement the ability to filter criteria using the searching function using autofill drop down boxes. Meanwhile, Emily worked on Thursday’s presentation as well as Friday’s SLT presentation to Stephen Warwick.

Wednesday also saw our weekly client conference call (number 6) to update the clients on the progress we’ve made so far. After a successful call, we spent the afternoon brainstorming patent ideas before sending off a few for review.


Week 8: Thursday

Presentation time again! After some minor adjustments to the presentation from last week, the team are starting to perfect the presentation ready for the UK and EU Expos.

The team had a meeting with the executive of the National Grid IBM account team due to interest in how the web app being created may also apply to their industry – such a universal tool!


Week 8: Friday

On Friday morning, each Extreme Blue team gave a short five minute presentation to Stephen Warwick and other executives at the fortnightly SLT. It was a great opportunity to illustrate exactly what we’ve been working on and gain some insightful feedback on our projects.

Friday afternoon was spent, as ever, doing lots of work and being super productive…


Week 9: Monday

Emily’s birthday! With both Jawwad and Liberty absent (as well as 4 other interns), there was a depleted party for the special day. Nonetheless, what better way to spend a birthday than in the confines of the fishbowl eh?!


So, what’s next?

After overcoming a minor issue with Git Hub, Jawwad will continue to work on the ability to locate the sources (“view papers”) as well as the custom web search. Vandan continues to work on the homepage showing the top 10 trending topics in the global healthcare market in both graph and list forms. When Bertie finally returns, she will implementing the login page(!) and Emily will continue to write up the white paper, specifically the ‘feedback and further considerations’ section as well as the business case booklet for the client.

This week, the team have put together a quiz so you can find out which member of The A-Team you are!



– Emily, Jawwad, Bertie, Vandan


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