Week 9: DEV DEV DEV repeat

Hi everyone, Week 9 and we can’t quite believe there are only 3 more weeks to go! Its been another busy week, with the tech interns deep into coding and business-Giulia typing up the white paper. We are well on our way to hit MVP (Minimum Viable Product) next week: facial analysis done, log-in done, […]

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Week 8: demo time!

Hi everyone, Its been an other exciting week here at Team WBA, and today we have a little surprise for you. Excited to see what got everyone jaw dropping? Scroll below!     Today we performed our first live demo, which went really well despite a few hick ups – we are looking at you “Product […]

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Week 7: lets get Quizzical!

Hello everyone, Time to update all of you on the progress so far! This week, the team has focused on developing the individual technical components of the Smart Mirror, the various features that the platform incorporates. We now have received APIs from Boots that have been very useful for this purpose. Nathan has focused on […]

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Week 6: Visiting Boots HQ

Hi everyone, Scary to think how quickly time went by, but it is already the end of week 6! The last few days have been packed with great news. First of all, we made solid progress with our SmartMirror, which is now assembled and has been attracting quite a lot of attention to our side of the Fishbowl… […]

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Week 5: Attack of the drones

Hi guys! Thursday calls for a new weekly update, so here we go with our blog entry! We are currently on week 5, and as we are approaching the turning point of our time at IBM things are more intense than ever. Hence, we decided to film our hectic work in this blog (insert cricket […]

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Team WBA Week 3

Hello from Team WBA! It’s a week on from our last post, and a great deal has been happening here at Extreme Blue HQ. In the last week, we’ve given our first presentation to IBM, attended a “barbecue” (which turned out to be more of a hog roast with full salad bar and cheesecake!), done […]

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