The official blog of the IBM Extreme Blue internship scheme in the UK, the coolest internship on the planet. Read the blog for updates on projects and insights into our life after hours.

This is a place to truly discover the nature of the Extreme Blue internship – from project work (well, as much as we can without breaking confidentiality!), IBM provided training (essentially you can request to be taught pretty much anything) and the other every day goings-on of the working, travelling extreme IBMer, to the incredible social experience that happens once you step off site. We will try to dispell any myths floating in the depths of the internet and fill in those nagging gaps on the official IBM Extreme Blue internship page on the IBM site (link below).

So what is the IBM Extreme Blue internship? According to IBM:

“There are summer internships, and then there’s Extreme Blue. Think of it as the opportunity to run your own business, but with the support, expertise, and backing of one of the worlds leading technology companies. Extreme Blue at IBM isn’t your average summer internship, it’s 12 weeks of intense creative thinking…”

Which for a short summary is actually a fairly representative snapshot of what this experience is! Importantly though, the internship is precisely what you want to get out of it – if you scroll through the blog posts from our first week you’ll notice we all attempted to describe the internships in our own way, perhaps some more successfully than others (though it was only day 5 at this stage!), but nevertheless what is clear is that the work that you’ll undertake in these 12 weeks is entirely your own; from the direction you take after you are pitched the original idea, the technology you use to implement it, where and how you undergo business with clients, to the approach you take  (personally, I like to keep things agile).

The entire group of 16 works in tight-knit teams of 4, 3 technical interns and 1 business, and from there you build your idea in just the same way as you would a startup company, but in this case, a startup with the fortunate benefit of being backed by one of the most experienced international technical firms around. The resources on offer are incredible and probably unexhaustable – if your teams decides it needs something, IBM will deliver, if you need a technical mentor to teach you some obscure but useful library that no one has heard of before, IBM will probably send the creator over to you (or if not, someone pretty incredible).

Essentially, the only thing limiting how far and cool you take your ideas is your own creativity, and if creativity is your thing, IBM will make sure you can get the best out of your ideas as you can with opportunities such as weekly patent mentor run brainstorming sessions, out of which you can suddenly find yourself with a filed patent to your name and a substantial bonus courtesy of IBM (IBM has a fantastic patent policy to encourage ideas which comes hand in hand with a incredible bonus reward scheme – talking in the thousands for a file! Interested? Start scribbling down all those nick nacks you’ve come up with over the years and keep them safe for when you start off here!).

But anyway, enough of my waffle for now… Above is no way a comprehensive list of everything that constitutes Extreme Blue, it probably is not possible to sum up everything. However, if we’ve in any way caught your attention, keep checking back to read the weekly blog updates so hopefully you can get a clearer idea of what it takes, and what it is like, to be an IBMer, to be Extreme, to be Blue, to be….

For more information on applying for the IBM Extreme Blue internship, please visit the IBM site.

For more information on the Extreme Blue experience, please check out our Facebook page, Extreme Blue UK 2015.


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