Gettin’ Down

Check out our project teaser trailer:   With Alex returning to the Motherland for a week the rest of us spent our time focusing on the front-end and preparing for last Friday’s SLT meeting. James has continued to tweak the simulation and now has the radar chart looking REAL CLEAN.  He also spent some time […]

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D3: Day to Day Data

Hello there, 8 weeks down, 4 weeks to go and The A-team is back. Since our last blog (A-Z of Extreme Blue), the team have been buckling down to get the web app completed. Weeks 8 & 9 Week 8: Tuesday Whilst Emily cracked on with the white paper and the technical detail included, the […]

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Week 8: demo time!

Hi everyone, Its been an other exciting week here at Team WBA, and today we have a little surprise for you. Excited to see what got everyone jaw dropping? Scroll below!     Today we performed our first live demo, which went really well despite a few hick ups – we are looking at you “Product […]

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Just Keep Swimming!

Hi everyone! Our team has been extra agile and we have made a slight change in scope to our project. Fabien and Adriana attended a briefing session last week with one of our clients and we discovered some insights. Our clients who come to IBM want to learn more about four main themes: Watson, Internet […]

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A-Z of Extreme Blue

Hello again friends. It’s week 8 (cor-blimey). The past week we’ve been working on setting up the front end of our web app. The boys have been implementing some of the functionality including the ability to search and filter criteria using drop down boxes as well as the timelines for the visualisation pages. Meanwhile Bertie […]

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Week 7: lets get Quizzical!

Hello everyone, Time to update all of you on the progress so far! This week, the team has focused on developing the individual technical components of the Smart Mirror, the various features that the platform incorporates. We now have received APIs from Boots that have been very useful for this purpose. Nathan has focused on […]

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