Extreme Q & A

Weeks 9 & 10 Oh wowza it’s week 10! Eek. The final week of development. So, what have we been up to I hear you ask. Well… the team have been working predominantly on front end functionality to incorporate all the necessary features for our MVP. Jawwad has developed the ability to locate and view […]

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D3: Day to Day Data

Hello there, 8 weeks down, 4 weeks to go and The A-team is back. Since our last blog (A-Z of Extreme Blue), the team have been buckling down to get the web app completed. Weeks 8 & 9 Week 8: Tuesday Whilst Emily cracked on with the white paper and the technical detail included, the […]

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A-Z of Extreme Blue

Hello again friends. It’s week 8 (cor-blimey). The past week we’ve been working on setting up the front end of our web app. The boys have been implementing some of the functionality including the ability to search and filter criteria using drop down boxes as well as the timelines for the visualisation pages. Meanwhile Bertie […]

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The A-Team’s memes

Well hello there loyal followers. It’s week 6 – half way through! Week 6: Tuesday Since the last blog, we have made some great progress on the further features and functionality of our web app product. Jawwad and Vandan have been working on the ability to filter criteria and the search function by creating a […]

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Hello again from Team Astellas! Long time no see! Weeks 3&4 Week 3: Monday and Tuesday The week was off to a flying start with a wireframe workshop, an introduction to the process of creating an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interface consisting of low-fi wireframes (sketches on paper), mid-fi (basic outlines on the computer) […]

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