The Much Awaited Trial

Hello our dear devoted readers, This week we had our much anticipate d trial. We went to JLR HQ in Whitley, buried inside a magical heartland apparently called the “midlands”. While we drove around a lot and saw a lot of people there were no hobbits or dragons to be seen. The trial saw us […]

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Team JLR: Dev Dev Dev

Hello all! For those of you who are keen readers, you may believe we have a trial today. Unfortunately, it had to be delayed due to some corporate shenanigans. Welcome to the real world, reader. We just have to roll with the punches. Things can often take time, and for good reason: its important that […]

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Team JLR – getting arty!

Another week down! We are a third of the way through our project – eek! This week we’ve spent the majority of our time planning  the design of our application with the help of our fabulous design mentors; in an agile way of course! From empathy maps and ‘as is’ diagrams to impact vs feasibly […]

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