MVP Mission: completed (almost)

Hi everyone,

Its now the end of Week 10 and as I type I can’t help feeling the pressure  – not sure if it is more scary or exciting to be so close to the end!

Yes, because the Team has an extremely intense week ahead. On Tuesday we will be meeting the client at Boots HQ, and on Wednesday we will be in London presenting to David Stokes. Not to mention Giulia’s ridiculous travel plans involving 7 flights in 14 days across the Atlantic to start the academic year in New York without missing key Extreme Blue events such as presenting to David Stokes and the Expo in Dublin.

But we also come with great news: this week we have reached our MVP! For the non techys among you, this is the Minimum Viable Product. Here are videos on some of the features that run on SmartMirror (the UI is being improved by the technical interns as we speak)

Product Evaluator

Twitter-Klout analytics

Personalised offers and log-out

Speaking from our wealth of Extreme Blue experience, we also prepared a bucket list of things that we believe every intern should do at least once while on site. Enjoy!

#1 Play basketball against your Manager and Mentors 

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.57.22

…and lose miserably

#2 Visit the Sunken Garden


#3 Go shooting


Here you can see Giulia getting ready in case the tech interns are late with development

#4 Take a team picture jumping in front of Hursley House



#5 Take a more accurate picture of team dynamics


Many thanks to our mentor Ian for the pictures!


Stay tuned for more updates next week!









One thought on “MVP Mission: completed (almost)

  1. I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your posts over the last few weeks, I am really going to miss them. I know you only have a couple of days left & I just want to wish all of you good luck in your future careers. You are probably back from Dublin now & hope that went as well as the other presentations. I look forward to seeing your “mirror” in Boots.


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