Gettin’ Down

Check out our project teaser trailer:


With Alex returning to the Motherland for a week the rest of us spent our time focusing on the front-end and preparing for last Friday’s SLT meeting.

James has continued to tweak the simulation and now has the radar chart looking REAL CLEAN.  He also spent some time working on creating graphs of historic data that we can then feed into the front-end UI.

Grace, our Angular girl, has been hard at work trying to get our web application up to scratch.  It’s all coming together well, so much so that Grace has been flying since Thursday afternoon.



Surprisingly, Alex has actually been doing a lot of work from Greece, he must just be missing us so much.  Working with the Alchemy Taxonomy API he has extracted his browser history and is now categorising each URL by certain interests and with a corresponding confidence level.

Antony has enlisted the help of Astellas team member, Jawad, to help him learn some proper British slang.  He now has a working knowledge of real Birmingham slang and has begun to use such words as Peng, Ting and Man-like, but don’t be intimidated by this hip vernacular, Antony is very approachable.  He has now finally assimilated with his British persona and is losing his american accent!

Outside of the workplace we have also been working to keep our fitness levels.  Working with resident personal trainer, Emily, we have been hitting 8-minute abs consistently, it doesn’t seem to be working for me yet though.



See you again next week!

– Your Minority Reporters



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