The Company Analyzer

Hello everyone, Welcome back! It’s time for an update from team client butler. Since last week, our team has completed the company analyzer tool. Our clients visiting the site will be able to ask statistics about their companies. The tool analyses one tenth of all the tweets and displays relevant information about our clients’ companies. […]

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Client Butler Around Campus

Hi everyone! This past week has been very productive for Client Butler! We have made a lot of progress on building the app and now we have several features displayed. Keep on reading to know more about our progress. What we have been up to: We have been working on developing the app and adding […]

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Hello readers! We are already mid-way through week 4 and time is flying by here at the Extreme Blue HQ! What we have been up to: We had our first Extreme Blue presentation last week and the competition is high! All the teams were amazing and the bar has definitely been set high! Team Walgreens […]

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