A-Z of Extreme Blue

Hello again friends. It’s week 8 (cor-blimey).

The past week we’ve been working on setting up the front end of our web app. The boys have been implementing some of the functionality including the ability to search and filter criteria using drop down boxes as well as the timelines for the visualisation pages. Meanwhile Bertie has been finalising our hi-fi wireframe design so that we can crack on with developing this in the web app.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 16.37.42

To mix things up a little, we thought we’d give you an A-Z of Extreme Blue this week. Enjoy!

A-Z of Extreme Blue:

A – The A-team



B – Bertie a.k.a. Liberty

C – Chocolate covered rice cakes. Om nom nom


D – D3 visualisations

E – Em-and-em. Dream team

F – Firedrills. Thanks Nathan, for burning your fish.

G – Greeks

H – Hot chocolate. Only 50p from the vending machines.

I – In jokes. That is not a swimming pool.

J – J-dizzle. Big J. (Jawwad)

K – Kabul. Great card game. 10/10 would recommend

L – Lunch at the club house (just not on a Thursday!)

M – Mad charade skills

N – Notes – the worst software ever

O – Ouch. Mikey hits a wall.

P – Post-it notes. All day. Every day.

Q – Quiz of the pub variety. The Royal Oak, Winchester. Every Thursday @ 20:30.

R – Rhoonie (a.k.a Wayne Rooney – who the kids in Winchester think Mikey looks like)

S – Soft play toys. Ultimate comfort. Or Snacks. Always snacks.

T – Teal

U – Unforgettable 12 weeks

V – Vodka nightclub. Exceptional…

W – Why not?

X – Xtreme

Y – Yelling when Emily M plays Kabul

Z – Zzzzzzzzzzzzz – is that a drone?!


0-9 of Extreme Blue:

0 laughs for Vandan’s jokes



1 awesome web app

2 Emilys

3 University of Bath students

4 Extreme Blue teams

5 – Mikey’s mental age

6 chicks

7 per minute – number of inappropriate jokes Nathan makes

8th in the pub quiz. Damn.

9 times Emily has broken her drone


Until next week, we’ll leave you with a quote,

“If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.”

~ Bill Gates

– Emily, Jawwad, Liberty and Vandan


P.S. We all know how exciting the Olympics are and considering Rio 2016 has officially begun, here’s a little life inspo. An absolute tear-jerker.

What’s my favourite thing about Switzerland? Well their flag is a big plus.


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