Week 7: lets get Quizzical!

Hello everyone,

Time to update all of you on the progress so far!

This week, the team has focused on developing the individual technical components of the Smart Mirror, the various features that the platform incorporates. We now have received APIs from Boots that have been very useful for this purpose.

Nathan has focused on integrating Twitter, Klout, Watson Personality Insights and Boots inventory to enable social media pull of data regarding customers personality and level of influence.

Cameron instead has made progress on the facial recognition and login system, and completed Product Tinder (yes we are going to rename it don’t worry!).

Emily is focusing on the front end and making sure that the layout looks super pretty and appealing to our target market.

The challenge for next week is going to be putting all this together and get the platform up and running.

And now the fun part of the blog…

Lets get quizzical! During the last 7 weeks you have got to know us through our blogs, and some of you even in person at presentations and in the Fishbowl. Curios to see what intern you are like the most? Take the quiz and comment below with the result you got!

Until our next update,

Your Team WBA

WBA Quiz Link

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One thought on “Week 7: lets get Quizzical!

  1. I wanted to do quiz but I’m not in business or technical or go to university never mind I liked hearing about the things you have been up to 😀


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