The A-Team’s memes

Hi diddly ho

Well hello there loyal followers. It’s week 6 – half way through!

Week 6: Tuesday

Since the last blog, we have made some great progress on the further features and functionality of our web app product. Jawwad and Vandan have been working on the ability to filter criteria and the search function by creating a tree structure from scratch in Java Script… awesome. Meanwhile the hi-fis were being designed courtesy of Bertie.

Week 6: Wednesday

Wednesday saw the weekly conference call with the clients, in which we covered the beautiful mid-fi wireframes that Bertie had been perfecting. We got some positive feedback so were able to start cracking on with the hi-fi wireframes. Progress is being made!

Just Keep Swimming

Wednesday also involved sending off our second patent which was the concept of… (just kidding…again. We can’t tell you that)!

Patent Club.png

Week 6: Thursday

Presentation day! After a little confusion about which room we were in, we ended up in a nice and cosy meeting room for our presentation (hopefully). It went well but as always room for improvement (hopefully).

At least you Tried

The teams headed to the Hurlsey club house for lunch, through which we learned the importance of punctuality! After some useful presentation feedback (to not say ‘hopefully’ quite as often), we had our first call with our new head of the account team to update her on our progress and ensure we were all on the same page.

The rest of the day was spent finalising our hi-fis to be able to show the clients in Friday’s meeting (good work Bertie).

During the evening, because the weather had taken a turn for the rainy, we played a great game of cards – everyone is invited next week.

Week 6: Friday

We had an early start on Friday to head to the client’s offices.

to infinity

… Or just to Chertsey.

At Astellas

The meeting was very useful (as ever) and our client had invited some colleagues from their departments who seemed very pleased with the web app and very much liked the design of the hi-fis.

Smashed it

After getting chucked out of Chertsey, we headed to Woking for a super cute lunch with one of our favourite mentors.

You da best
Post-lunch Jawwad decided to ditch us to go to London, despite us offering him a trip to the zoo!
Good enough

Once we were back in Winchester, we decided that we would work from the kitchen in the flat, that most productive of places. During the afternoon, Vandan spent over an hour attempting to make his area graph move (why?!)…


…and Emily started to fix the introduction to our presentations.


Friday Evening…

Well that escalated Quickly

Week 7: Monday

With only Vandan and Emily in the office on Monday, we spent the morning writing this…

Are you not entertained

… followed by Emily continuing to write the white paper (business case paper for the end of the project) and Vandan modularising the D3 visualisations… (whatever that means!).

Next week we will be starting with the front end; the user interface and web app itself. Check back next Tuesday to find out more!

– Emily, Jawwad, Liberty and vandan


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