So, it’s week 7 and everything is coming together quite nicely, but we are quickly approaching the Extreme Blue Expo!  So, let’s find out where we are and what is up next for the O2 team.

Grace has been learning all about Angular and has begun to implement it into our website. The Login page is looking extremely clean and with our Hi-Fis in place we will be spending a lot more time with the design team to implement a crisp layout for the rest of our website.  We also asked our design mentor, Kate, to walk through our website, which was very helpful!

Take a look at our Login page (Ignore all the tabs open).

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 17.09.01.png

Up next for Grace will be working on incorporating D3 graphs with real time data.

Alex has been working his magic to get the back end done.  Unfortunately, he never really gets to showcase his beautiful code so I might just rave on about our little greek engine that could.  The REST API is done and he also spent Monday working to optimise the database to improve the speed of the queries so the front-end can pull data faster.

Next up for him is to begin working on how we can interpret people’s browser history to infer interests.  This may also tie in to the idea of weighting profile interests.  We’ll see.

Then along came James.  Last week he came up with the idea to put together a simulation that would display what is happening in waterloo.  It would show the Wi-Fi router picking up the MAC addresses of the users and then relay that to the back-end in real time which would then aggregate the profiles.  The idea was to eventually have real aggregation happening and then start to display Ads, as part of our simulation, based on the audience in front of the billboard.

Antony has been steaming on with the white paper which is coming along very well.  He has also began to plan the demo for the expo and the other important presentations we have coming up.

Sorry for the dry post but be prepared for another great video next week!!


– Your Minority Reporters


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