Pokémon – Extreme Blue Version

Hello again from Team Astellas! Long time no see! We know you’ve been Seaking to find a good blog post so we’re gonna Raichu one.

Weeks 5&6

 Week 5: Monday & Tuesday

We kicked off week 5 with a quick review of everything covered in the previous week. During our meeting with the clients on Friday we were met with a few surprises regarding the scope of our project. Luckily we were able to come to a happy medium after liasing with our business mentors and we now have a clear vision of what we have to do (which is always good news!). We used a MSCW (aka. Moscow) method to separate our project requirements into Must have, Should have, Could have and Would have sections based on the client’s needs as well as the feasibility of the feature. The Must haves form the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of our proof of concept, ensuring nothing was too Farfetch’d. Having set these requirements, we ensured that the clients agreed on their location within the MSCW table before heading off to work our magic and create their tool.

During Monday and Tuesday we created our mid-fi wireframes building on our lo-fi wireframes after some adjustments were made to these by the client in Friday’s meeting. We used Adobe XD to create the mid-fis (after rejecting Balsamic on the basis of it “not being as pretty”).

(Throughout this period Jawwad did some back end stuff…)

Monday also saw the arrival of ‘the heatwave’ to the UK, bringing with it heat so scorching it can only be compared to that of the sun, we couldn’t Bayleef it.

Hursley House
Hursley House looking good

Feeling an obligation to be outside in the unpredicted, unscheduled, unexpected Indian summer weather and after realizing that we infact have tennis courts right next to our accommodation (who knew?!), we spent Monday evening in a sweltering match that has been described as “more intense than the finals at Wimbledon”. The game ended when Liberty (hence forth known as Bertie) took a rogue ball to the head from an aggressive opposition and the court was invaded by some younger kids wanting to be involved in all the fun.

As weather matching that of the Sahara desert stretched out across days (we asked for summer but not all at once), football was the sport of choice on Tuesday evening. Extreme Blue is turning in to a mini Olympics (not that we’re competitive or anything…).

Week 5: Wednesday

In preparation of our conference call with the client at 13:00 it was essential that our mid-fis were up to scratch so Bertie got down to work on these throughout Wednesday morning and Abra Kadabra, they were done! Meanwhile, Vandan worked on the heat map and network graph (to show related documents), both a beautiful shade of teal, our colour of choice and which are looking great, if we do say so ourselves. Once perfecting the mid-fi, Bertie fixed our sunburst visualization (by fixed, we mean got every section to be a shade of teal). Emily spent her valuable time working on our presentation-to-be for the following day. Teal everything? Check!

(Jawwad was still working on the mysterious workings of the back end…)

Our conference call with our clients was successful as they were on board with our mid-fis and gave the a-okay on what we had planned for further development. Now we had an even better idea of how to go forward with the hi-fis and front end.

Wednesday afternoon – a monumental moment for all of us. We Exeggcute-d our first patent submission which basically was the idea of using…(jokes, we can’t tell you that. You might go and ‘Prior Art’ us!).

Week 5: Thurdsay

Presentation day! We got asked quite a few questions this time which was exciting having not gotten any in previous weeks. We also received some great advice on similar visualisations used by other projects within IBM, which we will look in to, as well as being offered options for further considerations out of scope of our 12 weeks.

Post-presentation we hosted a Design Thinking workshop for our mentors to work on producing a ‘wow factor’ for our project and concluded that we will be saving our client a large proportion of their time doing all the data collection, analysis and visualization, which is a ‘wow’ for them.

After work we went for our first dinner with Papa-Parmar! Followed by trudging around the grounds of Hursley, and the whole of Winchester for that matter, on the hunt for new Pokémon. Joy.

Week 5: Friday

Friday, as ever, was a productive day of work…! We were kindly invited to a TCG (Technical Consulting Group) conference and received a rare insight into some of the inner workings of the IBM community, which was a great opportunity. It was also a pleasure to be able to introduce our Extreme Blue project to some pretty big names at the conference and hopefully promote the internship a little to increase interest Furret.

We also managed to squeeze in a quick Angular tutorial to understand a little more about web frameworks.

In other news, Jawwad had to get the bus home. He wasn’t keen so we had to Pokémon.

Friday night and we were all feeling a little Drowzee so the group headed out for a ‘Poké-walk’ (“so worth it for the Rhyhorn, I’m not even ashamed” quote Bertie).

Week 6: Monday

Week 6. Can’t believe we’re half way already? Ditto! We started the week the right way with a quick briefing on what we covered last week and what needs to be done this week and then got straight down to it. Bertie started making hi-fi wireframes whilst Vandan and Jawwad cracked on with the search and filtering capability. Meanwhile Emily continued to work on Thursday’s exciting presentation – pop along to Hursley Auditorium on Thursday at 11am to find out more!


That’s it from Team Astellas this week. Just remember folk, you gotta catch ‘em all.

Team Astellas, over and out.

– Emily, Jawwad, Bertie and Vandan


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