When the Business Intern Isn’t Around


Just relax, you can finally work in peace.

As was mentioned last week our business intern, Antony, decided to up and leave our group of lovely technical interns.  Maybe he’d had enough of the stream of technical jargon that they love to discuss or maybe he wanted a bit of time away from SQL and Cloudant databases but all in all the technical interns performed admirably, reaching new levels of innovation and progress!!  And while he was out of the office, Antony remained here in spirit.


What did James get up to?

Well you see, James is a front end kind of guy. He likes pretty things and once you set him on a path he’ll do anything in his power to reach that goal.  This week James set about making our first version of our website which is working very well.  Moving on from here we will be working to put together a hi-fi to help us visualize exactly what we want our UI to look like.

What did Alex get up to?

Now Alex is the opposite of James, he’s a real back-end type of guy.  He may not have as fancy a job as James, but it is imperative to have an efficient Rest API to allow James to send queries to the backend and pull the correct data needed to showcase in the UI.  Next up in this department is to finish developing the Rest API and also work out how to continually update our database.

What did Grace get up to?

Grace is our Angular girl. She’s the kind of person that helps the front-end interact with the back-end, which is a very important process for our prototype. Grace has been experimenting with different languages to do this including Ajax, jQuery and Angular.  She settled on using Angular as our mentor, Andy, had recommended it.

And what did Antony get up to?

Well despite being out of the office he did claim to get started on the white paper, outlining the end deliverable and starting the first few sections.


That’s not all we got up to though, Grace went out to a local pub and explored Hursley with the Client Butler and WBA teams.


She also invented a new game with Vandan.  As you can see she is the most sociable of our group.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 13.24.39.png


Once again, thank you for reading. Until next time.


– Your Minority Reporters


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