Week 5: Attack of the drones

Hi guys!

Thursday calls for a new weekly update, so here we go with our blog entry!

We are currently on week 5, and as we are approaching the turning point of our time at IBM things are more intense than ever. Hence, we decided to film our hectic work in this blog (insert cricket noise).

In terms of progress, lots has been done on the technical side. After all, as Nathan loves to say “There is nothing more satisfying than a great backend experience” and we are definitely working towards that, as well as middle wear and front end integration. We are aiming to have a demo ready for next week’s meeting with Boots at their HQ, which we are all hyped about. More on that on our next blog, in the mean time enjoy the video below!


P.S. Thanks to our mentor Ian who not only has been coming down to Hursley especially to support us on presentation day (and catch the rare Pokemons around the area :P), but also lended itself to helping with the filming.

Quote of the week:

“Yes we Cam” –  Giulia while motivating Cameron

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