Agile Development

Hi everyone!

What we have been up to:

This week has been full of changes for team Client Butler. At the end of last week, our scope of the project took a sharp turn and we have (pretty much) started over! The aim of our project is to improve our clients’ experience when they visit Hursley while showcasing IBM as an innovation and technology leader. As opposed to our initial plan, we will be focusing mainly on our clients’ experience throughout their day at Hursley.

Our (awesome) plan is the following, a drone will greet our clients as they reach Hursley and take them to their assigned parking spaces. They will then be taken to reception where the briefing consultant will be waiting. Along the way to the briefing room, they will have the opportunity to interact with screens, which will be displaying personalised information about their companies. Around the Hursley house, we will be using bluetooth beacons to know where our clients are and send notifications based on their location throughout the site. At the same time, through an app, they will be able to get live information of their agenda and sessions along the day. Finally, our clients will also have the opportunity to interact with Watson and ask any questions they may have about the day or the site. By providing a Watson Q&A and the other features through the day we hope to provide our clients first class service when they visit IBM.

What’s next:

Due to all the changes, we are currently behind schedule. Therefore, we have our three techies working on different features. We are working on the Q&A with Watson, developing a hybrid app that will allow to use beacons, and figuring out how to alert the briefing team once our clients have arrived to the site.

Fortunately for us, one of our mentors was able to get us a drone and we took it outside for a run. See the video! This was just the first time using it so hopefully the next run will go (a little) smoother! Check it out 🙂


For the next week, we are going to keep working on Watson, get the agenda running on the app and prove we can use the beacons for indoor tracking. There is a lot to catch up but hopefully, we will have some demos by next week!


Until next time,

Your Team Client Butler



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