O2, Drones and Back-End Management

Our progress…

So it’s the start of week 5 and the summer weather has finally arrived!! This week Antony has left us for the sunny island of Naxos, Greece leaving the three technical interns to write this blog. Make of that what you will!

Since our meeting with O2, below, at the start of last week (see previous blog post for a full vlog breakdown of this trip), we have started working on the database of dummy profiles we need to use to choose which adverts to display. We have also been working on our front-end this week with James learning HTML and CSS to display maps of London and the location of our three locations on our website homepage.



Fun Stuff…

Our team has really been bonding this past week with James and Alex getting especially close….. (Alex was really enjoying this invasion of personal space, he’s a hugging kind of guy)


We also ventured out into the wild town of Winchester for a few drinks at Alfie’s on Friday night and even mingled with the locals. A few drinks in and James and Emily were showing off their dance skills! Alex again, really enjoying himself in this photo – his cheery and happy nature really being highlighted here….



We have also been having great fun with the new mini drones we have all ordered – James especially… see below. After the rest of our drones arrive this week there will be plenty more drone flying and racing to follow, so keep you eyes peeled on our blog page and your wits about you in the office!



Next steps…

We are presenting to the senior leadership team for the O2 project next week and so hope to have completed all of our data entry and creation of all necessary databases to be able to show them our progress to date. We are also aiming to have some mid-fi and even some high-fi mock-ups of our website to show as well.

(And hopefully loads more fun, adventures and drones)



Until next time,

Your Minority Reporters.


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