15 Survival Tips for Extreme Blue from Team WBA

Hi guys,

It’s Thursday and here we go with our weekly update!

We have started to get to the nitty gritty of our project focusing on compiling the research that we have conducted and getting started on the technical side of things. Its about time that we break the suspense climate around our solution, and talk to you about what we are actually going to do for our client, Boots. To improve engagements with 16-24 year olds we are going to build a SmartMirror to be used in-store by Advantage Card holders who want to experience a revolutionary shopping experience for beauty purchases. We are going to include lots of cool features and social media analytics, but we will keep details for next time. In the meantime, enjoy a picture of our first low-fi trials on User Interface with James, that we borrowed from team O2 (thanks James!)

Lo-Fi Testing 3

But enough about work now. Here is a survival guide to Extreme Blue, from our wealth of experience built up in our 4 weeks here at IBM Hursley.

1. Hot Chocolate from the floor above the fishbowl tastes like paradise and only costs 50p. You’ll need it.


2. Sandwiches get discounted to 99p on Friday afternoon. You’ll need that too.


3.  Also should you still be hungry there is always something good to knick from the Design Studio…


4. And what’s not better to down the food with, if not with chia seed packed water? The trend is picking up

5. Also staring at chia seeds swimming around in the water bottle is totally the best alternative to doing work


6. Be quick to grab the last seats on the car. You don’t want to be the only Extreme Bluer left without, wondering around aimlessly in the Design Studio until 5pm on a Friday, right Giulia?


7. If you are tempted to leave the office a little earlier than usual, mathematically the day after you will be in ten times longer.


8. Be nice to team Astellas, they host the best soft play in the office


9. Taylor Swift will melt all your project stress in a tune


10. Don’t EVER peal a post-it from the bottom up or it will take the permanent shape of a fajita once stuck to the wall and it will totally mess with Emily’s OCD


We felt the need for an additional guide to surviving having Giulia as a Business Intern…

  1. By the end of week 4 you will be lucky not to be deaf. Her laugh is that loud, and Nathan jokes are that good
  2. She only eats from a mason jar, whatever that takes (make sure she doesn’t blow up the whole site by microwaving it)
  3. Treat vegetables kindly while around her, she cares for their feelings more than ours!
  4. Don’t ask her for dating advice or you will want to “put electrodes in her head and figure out which planet she is from” (Nathan)
  5. Her concept of stand up meeting below, and no comment on it







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2 thoughts on “15 Survival Tips for Extreme Blue from Team WBA

  1. Love the smart mirror idea, maybe you could put them into some kind of frame or booth. It’s a bit more of an interesting way to find out special offers etc than going on a website with your advantage card number.
    I love your top tips with illustrations!
    Hope you are all managing the heat 😎


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