Hello again from Team Astellas! Long time no see!


Weeks 3&4

Week 3: Monday and Tuesday

Nice head gear, Nathan!

The week was off to a flying start with a wireframe workshop, an introduction to the process of creating an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interface consisting of low-fi wireframes (sketches on paper), mid-fi (basic outlines on the computer) and high-fi (full working prototype). We also spent an exciting afternoon in the Emerging Technologies Lab learning about all the fun and innovative new technologies that IBM are creating (Cue geek out!).

On a technical note we also set up a Git repository, a distributed version control system or “to look after our code” as Emily would say.

Adriana’s Birthday = cake!
Tuesday evening: A spot of inter-team mingling at Netball!

Week 3: Wednesday

Vandan left us for Orchestra tour 😥

Where’s Vandan?

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to escape from our office and went to the Astellas briefing meeting in Hursley house, where we met the manufacturing team and got to introduce our project. And of course we couldn’t say no to the free fancy lunch!

Wednesday after work BBQ for interns from around the UK and Europe

Week 3: Thursday

Thursday saw our first presentation in Hursley house. This gave us the opportunity to explain to any willing listeners at IBM Hursley what our project entails, the problem, the mission and our proposed solutions.

Downside – small issue with the car.
Upside – met a lovely AA man called Jamie.

Week 3: Friyay!

We spent a relaxed Friday creating more wireframes and paper prototypes and researching D3, JavaScript library for creating Data Driven Documents (or pretty pictures if you will).


Week 4: Monday and Tuesday

Vandan back
Vandan’s back! (And seems to have overestimated the weather…)

What’s next?

We will continue to work on analysing the data to gain some insight into what data visualisation may be possible and appropriate and we will also be researching how to input a search capability into the web app. Week 4 Friday we will be making our first trip to the Astellas offices so stay tuned for updates!


– Emily, Jawwad, Liberty and Vandan


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