Team WBA Week 3

Hello from Team WBA!

Presenting at the design workshop

It’s a week on from our last post, and a great deal has been happening here at Extreme Blue HQ. In the last week, we’ve given our first presentation to IBM, attended a “barbecue” (which turned out to be more of a hog roast with full salad bar and cheesecake!), done plenty of design thinking and discussed exactly why Nathan doesn’t shop at Boots. (He’s very concerned about being lost for two years in the female hygiene aisle and having to carve out a mannequin head as a friend).

Things we learned this week

Our already long list of mentors is continuously growing, and so is the help that comes with them! Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing – like drowning in vanilla ice cream. However, they have been immensely helpful in narrowing down our project to a fairly succinct design spec, which we will be beginning to work on next week.

We also visited the emerging technologies lab where Nathan controlled a BB-8 robot with his mind – so we are all very nervous about what is to come in the weeks ahead. Emily has joined the Winchester Netball club, Giulia continues to amuse us with her hilarious interpretations of common phrases, and Cameron is still trying to find a way to make his medieval combat skills useful.

Our patent ideas are coming along nicely, too. For those who don’t know, at IBM, you can get paid for coming up with new ideas that could be useful, inventing a new technology, or a new use or combination of existing technologies. We are a group of people who get easily annoyed at technology and love to fix things, so we’re on track to generate some extra £££…J9HLXO

We’ll leave you with that for this week. Next week, we’ll have more specifics to update you on – and most likely a number of shenanigans to report on. See you then!

Quote of the week

Giulia writing on whiteboard

Giulia: “Oh, wait… this is a Sharpie. Well, good thing we noticed in time!”

Nathan, looking at whiteboard: “…No. No, we didn’t notice in time.”

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One thought on “Team WBA Week 3

  1. Sounds like you’ve had another busy week & well done for getting through your first presentation, this can be really daunting. I was in Boots today, they have really good offers & I use the opticians & the pharmacy which are both really helpful & reliable.

    Look forward to hearing what you’ve been up to next week.


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