Team Client Butler

Last but not least, we are team Client Butler! We are the only internal project and our aim is to create a platform to enhance our client’s experience when they visit Hursley, deepen their knowledge about IBM, and improve IBM’s efficiency.

Get to know us!

Adriana Tudela: Business intern, Master’s in Management at the LSE.

Mikey Duncan: Technical intern, Master’s in Chemistry at St. Peter’s College, Oxford.

Fabien Florek: Technical intern, Bachelor’s in Computer Science at University of Edinburgh.

Andrew Lees: Technical intern, Master’s in Computer Science at Durham University.

What we have been up to:

A lot of the work these past few weeks has been about brainstorming, meeting our mentors and getting to fully understand the problems we are trying to solve for our clients (oh! And a lot of post-it notes!) Last week we had our “design thinking” workshop, which helped us figure out the main pain-points to focus on. This week we have a clear idea of how to move forward and have finalized our minimum viable product! Hopefully, coding will start next week (and the technical interns can’t wait!)

On a fun note, it was Adriana’s birthday on Tuesday and all the interns celebrated in the office! Check out the pictures 🙂

What’s next:

We have started wireframing and looking into the technologies to be used. Our team has a clear idea of the features that will go onto our platform so it is only a matter of making it user-friendly and providing a 1st class experience for our clients!

Until next week!

Your Client Butler


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