Team Astellas

Hello from Team Astellas!

Meet our awesome team:

Business Intern: Emily Irons

Hi guys, I’m Emily and I’ve just finished my 3rd year studying Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath. Within our Extreme Blue team, I am the business intern. Now that we have had 3 weeks of getting to grips with our brief, meeting our clients and getting started with development, I can’t wait to follow our project all the way to a (hopefully) fully functioning proof of concept. In my spare time, I enjoy playing lacrosse and admiring the awe-inspiring technical ability of my wonderful technical interns. My strengths involve generating value-added strategy through effective synergistic management practices, and parallel parking.


Technical Intern: Liberty

Heeyyyy, I’m Liberty. I study astrophysics at UCL. I joined this project to try to get exposure to the large range of products that the Watson suite offers. With my plethora of experience in the pharmaceutical industry (jokes) and the vast number of user interfaces that I have designed, our project is perfect for me. I have thus adopted the role of lead designer on the project and so will be in charge of making all things pretty. In my spare time I play dodgeball for my university and enjoy angrily throwing balls at people as well as discussing affairs with other ball chucking enthusiasts.


Technical Intern: Jawwad Farid

Hi, I’m Jawwad! I’ve just finished my second year at Cambridge studying Information Engineering. I’m excited to develop a proof of concept from scratch all the way through to deployment. My job on the team is modest technical wizard and my favourite language is FORTRAN (because Python is so mainstream). In my spare time I enjoy a spot of Tae Kwon Do (hiii-ya) although I’m actually harmless. Plus, just look how handsome I am…phwoar.


Technical Intern: Vandan Parmer

Hi there, friends on the internet, I’m Vandandiddly doo dah day (Vandan). I’m a second year Physicist at the University of Cambridge. My job on the team is to apply innovative agile methodologies in software development, and to provide terrible music to the office whether they want it or not. Hobbies include thinking I’m a big dog because I’m a boss on a violin and setting myself really really REALLY ambitious deadlines, because I believe that anything can be done in 20 minutes. ANYTHING.


Mission Statement

To create a user interface to extract, analyse and display useful data and crucial trends in the global healthcare market, that senior business employees at Astellas can use to inform top level strategic decision making.

Weeks 1&2

Team Astellas

Week 1: Tuesday

Team Astellas has hit the ground running. We’ve had a busy first few weeks on the Extreme Blue internship, finding out about our groups and projects and starting to brainstorm possible solutions. After a short introduction to the project, we met our mentors… and what a great bunch they are! Both business and technical, they have already offered a plethora of help and support, guiding us in the right direction with their wealth of knowledge.

Week 1: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

The rest of our week consisted of research, research, research. About the pharmaceutical industry, Astellas specifically, possible technologies to use etc. We also got a small taster of the extreme importance of Post-it notes during our first design thinking workshop. I think it’s safe to say we have all developed a special relationship with them, one that is only growing stronger. Other uses of our abundance of Post-it notes is for our Kan-Ban board (a fancy term for a To-Do list), proving to actually be very helpful and road mapping our journey from start to finish.


A busy Vandan and Jawwad meant that the scraping (data extraction) and parsing (making data useable) of our available database was completed by the end of week 1, very keen!

Week 2: Monday

Week 2 began with another design thinking workshop but this time with the client. We threw yet more Post-its at white boards to produce stakeholder maps, an As-Is scenario, empathy maps, a To-Be scenario, need statements and a ‘big ideas’ board of possible solutions. We were also treated to a lovely lunch at the Hursley clubhouse.

Week 2: Wednesday and Thursday

It was decided that we are now far enough in to our internship to whack out the soft play toys, a comfortable solution to the regular swivel chair. Also crucial for ensuring ‘creative problem solving’ ideas!

Soft Toys

What’s next?

The aim from here forward is to create some wireframes of how the user interface may look and how the user will interact with it. We will also continue to work on analysing the data to gain some insight into what data visualisation may be possible/appropriate.

Stay tuned for weekly updates!


– Emily, Jawwad, Liberty and Vandan


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