Minority Report – Blog Entry 1

Who are we? 

Antony Protonotarios – Business Intern, Economics at UCLA

Alex Vlissidis – Technical Intern, Electrical Engineering at University of Bath

James Russell – Technical Intern, Engineering at Oxford University

Grace Jansen – Technical Intern, Biology at University of Exeter (Representing the girls!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 15.13.51

(Check out the video from the previous blog post to meet the other teams too – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry3kmbpEvD8)


The project!

We are working on a collaboration project with Telefonica (but for all the Brits, O2) utilising the data they are able to collect through O2Wifi and their phone networks to personalise adverts on billboards as people walk past. We are hoping to use geofencing technologies and profile aggregation to display relevant adverts to groups found at each of the billboard locations. We are primarily focussing on billboards in Waterloo station, Twickenham stadium and the O2 arena, although this technology has many more applications in airports and cinemas etc.


Initiation to the Extreme Blueness:

During our first two weeks we have been extremely (pun-intended) busy training on cutting edge technology, such as Watson and Bluemix, Git and Node.js (the perks of working at IBM)…

Not only have we been learning about the technologies and languages applicable to our own project, but also the many design techniques required to work with clients. Last Wednesday  we spent the day with our mentors and the design team post-it-noting and brainstorming our way through what we thought the project aims were and the pain points of the clients we needed to address – as well as drinking bucket loads of coffee…


We have also been fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time with our technical mentors (IBM’s O2 representatives) both training and brainstorming these past few weeks. They have been guiding us through our steep learning curve with our first steps in Web development.


Glimpsing what’s next for Team O2… 

With the help of our rapid learning of the many techniques needed for these client facing projects and the tools used in Web development we are hoping to spend the next few weeks creating a working prototype. We are planning on using bluetooth iBeacons to locate who is near the billboard (for demo sake we will probably end up using a laptop) to determine which adverts should be shown based on their interests.

On the 11th of July we are visiting O2 HQ in the exotic town of Slough to meet with the client and demo our (hopefully working) prototype. This will allow us to gauge whether we are on the right track with the needs and wants of O2 and to impress them with our Node Red skills/solidify the fact that IBM is the company to take on this challenge.


Till next time,

Your Minority Reporters.


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