It’s Show Time! (Well, dress rehearsal…)

Last Friday saw the four Extreme Blue teams head to the IBM South Bank offices in London to show off all the hard work from the last 11 weeks in the UK Expo.


The teams set up across the canteen and client center with their plethora of posters, phones, cables and laptops ready to amaze… the fact that only four people actually came is irrelevant, we did ourselves proud, and to be honest, they were fairly important powerful people!

The afternoon brought the next big event of the internship – the presentation to David Stokes, Chief Executive, IBM UK and Ireland. Sitting around probably the biggest table most of us have seen, we presented one by one to David Stokes and his assistants as he watched on in what we can only hope was genuine interest… His feedback afterwards was as much as we could have hoped! Seemingly excited as to where he could potentially push some of the projects forward and frequently name dropping heads of departments for his assistants to follow up later.

All that’s left for Team JLR is the final client presentation on Tuesday and the final Expo in Amsterdam! All very exciting stuff, but until next time….


Team JLR out!


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