Silence… the noise made by people actually working

So it has got to the interesting part of the internship, and probably the part most of you reading will be actually interested in hearing about. But of course with actual hard work and deadlines comes a lack of procrastination time to actually write up blog posts…

It’s week 11 which means a couple of things:

  1. Final Hursley presentation
  2. Presentation to David Stokes (look him up…)
  3. 1 week away from Amsterdam and the European Expo

So as you can probably imagine we have been working somewhat longer hours to make sure what we promised ourselves and the clients would be done, is actually going to be done (as well as a lot of pointless faffing around with posters…)

However from a Team JLR perspective, we are fairly happy. We have finished both our applications, a website and a backend REST API + database that links everything together in realtime. The only thing that could stop us now would be a server side disaster or battery failure (both of which happen far too often, oh Bluemix :’) )

We are currently rehearsing our Amsterdam presentation which this year, for the first time apparently, will be a very strict five minutes on stage in front of all the intern teams across Europe and other IBM mentors and managers. Trying to get 12 weeks of hard graft into a five minute presentation has been tough but we have managed it, and it’s looking pretty slick, but sadly nowhere nearly describes the amount we have achieved and created (it’s not just an app… it’s a lifestyle…). Anyone actually interested in what we have done will have to either speak to us or read Natan’s 70+ page whitepaper (dw, it has pictures, makes it all better… rainbowpaper?)

At least we will be getting a little bit of exposure and credit for our work in the form of the demo stands and presentation to David Stokes.

Despite us originally laughing it off as a “let the interns do this one” joke, we have actually now made a video for the service we have created, featuring the best animations that iMovie, KeyNote and Camtasia have to offer. We also had a fun day last week in the Hursley client waiting/coffee room and the IoT lab filming ourselves for an Extreme Blue promotional video – be warned, it may be us you end up watching on one of the “meet one of the teams” videos on the IBM careers page!

In other news we have finally managed to get a publish! Yay! Though no patents… 😦 hopefully one of our remaining six ideas will bag us one…

That’s enough from us now at any rate, take care dear readers, and we may be back to finish off our journey and share it with you for your future Extreme Blue benefit.

Team JLR


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