Sorry it’s been a while

Firstly a big sorry to anyone who has been keeping up with our progress. All the teams have been very busy recently and writing up the blogs have slipped in our minds as deadlines approached.

We have managed to fit in some things other than work, including a great weekend in the Isle of Wight. It was agreed that as the pressure in the office grew we needed a break, and what could be better than a weekend camping? Well Nico had a few other ideas but still came along for the experience.

2015-08-14 14.57.53

Arriving on Friday afternoon the clouds had gathered and it looked like we might be in for a wet weekend…..2015-08-14 19.23.45

After arriving and being told the field we had arrived in was our camp for the weekend Nico quickly questioned whether this was “just a bad dream” and struggled to see why we hadn’t booked a nice hotel instead. Thankfully the rain held off long enough for us to just about get the tents up and scamper inside, but nobody was brave enough to volunteer to cook a BBQ so we decided a trip to the local pub was the best option.

2015-08-15 18.28.51

We woke on Saturday to a pleasant surprise of bright sunshine and much warmer weather – meaning a trip to the beach was all we managed to do all day. We even managed to cook for ourselves that evening, despite the challenges of cooking 20 sausages on a disposable BBQ.

2015-08-16 11.26.51

Some poor planning decisions meant the car was pretty packed on the way home, but we squeezed in. Nick even made use of the luggage to grab a nap on the journey home.

2015-08-16 17.55.48

Thanks for keeping up with the progress of all the teams, hopefully we’ll manage more blogs before the end of the project!!


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