So close yet… so close.

We planned to complete our Minimum Viable Product by week 9, this week and looks like our plan might just work out. We have just one feature left to implement and after that we would just be refining, testing and finalising the project.

Along with this, we will have to have our final presentation slides, style, format and procedure drafted and completed within the next week. The preparations to begin the White Paper is going steady as well. Work is piling up on us but somehow its getting us excited.

Subsequently, we have to demo the product by week 10 to the Client. Preparing for a seamless Show and Tell will one of our aims as well.

In parallel, we will also be producing videos (group and individual) to promote the Extreme Blue program. We asked for a decent budget, extensive video recording equipment and professionals to help us do it but everything was turned down and we got asked if we have a phone with a HD camera. So there’s that.

Also apparently our team name, myThings is being used by a decently sized online advertising company. For the sake of protecting Intellectual Property and obviously we do not want to destroy their business, so we are brainstorming over a new one.

Interns from Extreme Blue were all over the place last week. Some in Isle of Wight, some in Southampton and some on London. Clearly we know how to have fun.

In other news, Tom from the School Outreach team has upped his fashion game with ballerina socks and high-hemmed jeans. We were impressed.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for updated progress and more sarcastic humour .


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