Toys, Work, Party, Casino

” 3 Samsung Galaxy Megas, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Belkin Netcam, Belkin WeMo Smart Plug.

And those are the toys we can work with now, courtesy of *Confidential Client Name*. Some of the members had a nerd fit too. lightened up the mood of the entire team because of just how much the scale and quality of our demonstrations have potentially increased.

We had a call with our Client to update progress. After some promising feedback, there were concerns about a certain feature and how it may perform in the long term. We agreed to look into it and get back to him with some good ideas. We have now accommodated this into our “Very big list of things we have left to do” but due to our rigid work ethic and relentless dedication, we should be just fine.

Coming back to topics of interest, it was Ioannis’ birthday this week and we had a huge party on Friday to celebrate. Unfortunately none of the pictures taken that day aren’t particularly appropriate so trust me when I say it was good.

A slightly self-centered story now. We decided to go to a casino in Southampton. I took this opportunity to learn Blackjack. During the process, I had lost £120 while others made about double what they came in with. Yea, it took me sometime to be convinced that I was bad at it. Guess what? I even asked the others to leave by this point because I had to make the money back.

4 Hours later on the roulette, I was back to £126 (including money for the train), figured that the next train was 4 hours later, got back to make money for the taxi back home, spent 2 hours more and finally made it back home. I was 75p up though.

I won’t be going in there for a very long time.

Anyway, See you guys next time!”


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