The Much Awaited Trial

Hello our dear devoted readers,

This week we had our much anticipate d trial. We went to JLR HQ in Whitley, buried inside a magical heartland apparently called the “midlands”. While we drove around a lot and saw a lot of people there were no hobbits or dragons to be seen.

The trial saw us put our product front and center infront of employees at JLR HQ meaning we got a wide range of feedback from a wide range of both ages (from graduate to seasoned employee) and from a wide range of employee roles (from accountancy to engineer). The response was both invaluable and very positive. People like what we’re working on!

Before we go into the details of the trial, lets start with how we got here. We were working on polishing our product to show off and planning how we’d capture insight and attract people to our stall, you saw some of our design work on last weeks blog post.

Before we even got to the trial we had some shopping to do however. No trial (or any event for that matter) will be successful without “food” to give as incentives and gifts to participants. Our trip to Sainsbury’s wasn’t exactly conventional but was fun all the same:

Purchasing Sweets   Sweets at Checkout   Boot of sweets

On the trial day we had to hit the road early, we were fumbling around with our SatNav at six in the morning, most of us were quite tired and slept most of the way though Juliette wasn’t afforded that luxury at the wheel. We drove up to Coventry and got lost around some road works at a round about (inevitable these days) but then landed in the JLR car park. JLR HQ is so busy day to day that you’re not actually allowed (as a visitor) to drive up to offices. We had to park at a park and ride and get guest passes for the day:

Juliette Craig Visitors

Once we were equipped with the correct documentation we were allowed to get on the bus to take us to HQ. It was a little cramped with all of the literature and food we had taken for the day (offering us much ridicule from various employees and other bus riders).

Team Visitors

Once there it was time for us to set up, we laid out a nice plate of biscuits to entice people to tell us their deepest secrets:

Buscuit Table
Quintessentially English Snacks

And got the posters and flyers ready:

Sara at table (edit)
Perfectly nice picture ruined by MI6 – Thanks NDA

Then it was time to capture insight. We ran through the product with multiple groups of people interviewing them both about the initial concept, the trial product, and the final product. What they want to see in the product was our prerogative. We took videos, pictures and most importantly notes.

Using Computer Capturing Insight 4 Capturing Insight 5 Capturing Insight 6 Capturing Insight 2 Capturing Insight 3

After a busy day it was back to the bus stop so we could get on with the trip to the park and ride, full of new insight and information.

Team at Bus stop
What a lovely day, why they would ever need that roof I don’t know


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