Team School Outreach: Three Reasons to Celebrate

Hello everyone,

It is week 7 and we can’t believe how quickly the time flows – it seems like yesterday I sat my university exams, yet my summer is coming to an end. Good thing our internship stretches into September, giving us a few more weeks to perfect our project.

Even with time slipping fast, we think our last days were filled with success. We had three very important things happening that heightened our enthusiasm, plans for the project and team spirits!

Getting new clients on board

Our primary client has always been the IBM Community Team, but we realized the solution we designed has a potential to become a stand-alone product. After researching organizations that experience problems similar to what we were asked to solve, we put together a business proposition and scheduled a meeting with one of them. It was amazing! The client representative was excited about our ideas and thought they offer an innovative approach to the problem. We also got great feedback on usability of our design, which gave us even more faith into using Android design guidelines. Right now, we are working with client’s Head Offices to see how IBM could work with them in a long term.

Finishing Minimum Viable Prototype

While setting a timeline of development in week 3, we knew it is extremely ambitious and we may not keep up with the pace of coding. To our own surprise, we not only kept on track but even exceeded our own expectations in some bits of the project! This week we delivered a minimum viable prototype of our application. Thanks to that, next Monday we can run user tests and move to Medium and Stretch goals. Can’t wait to see what we will have done by Amsterdam expo!

Celebrating Ioannis’s birthday

Extreme Blue is equally as much about work as it is about playing, and when our team member Ioannis turned 21 this Thursday, we couldn’t ignore it. With all the other interns we had a wonderful lunch on the birthday day and are planning a celebration party for the weekend. Working and living together, the interns are bound to become close and unwind on weekends in each others company – and we love it 🙂

That much from us this week. Look up for our next blog post – something big is coming!


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