Week 6 with myThings!

The end of this week marks halfway through the Extreme Blue internship. It’s pretty crazy how fast time goes and that we’ve all been working and living together for a month and a half is a pretty staggering thought. It has been a wonderful experience having everyone around to motivate you to work hard but at the same time ease the stress and difficulties that comes with such an intense internship.

The past two weeks have been fairly hectic for our team. It’s amazing the amount of work you can get done when your stomach is perpetually turning, you’re constantly dehydrated, and emotions are a consistent mixture of agitation and sadness. Joking. Although the extra pressure had us punching out code like Muhammad Ali in the eighth round.

Following a client meeting, we had to restructure our project and consequentially reassign priorities and responsibilities. After that, each of us set to work on our individual areas of the project. At this point in time Nick had taken his holiday and was in the U.S. leaving myself and Alex to work on further developing the technical details like the database and the user interface of our mobile application. Naresh was doing business things. As a tech intern, I’m fairly unfamiliar with what that even means so I’m going to assume he spends his time playing a combination of solitaire and minesweeper.11815869_10153492642534761_1875281092_n (1)

When Nick got back we filled him in on how the project details had changed and went straight to work. The myThings team has a client meeting on Monday morning and so a lot of our week has been devoted to thinking about how our application is going to look further down the line and the best way to present our app.

Stepping away from work, we’ve been dominating fairly hard in the Winchester Pub Quiz coming 9th place out of 10 thanks to a combination of excellent trivia knowledge that always gets us reasonably close to 1st place at the start and wine. I’ve become extraordinary at making ramen noodles having recently cracked and mixed in a single egg to produce an innovative and delightful dish. We noticed Alex’s first clear sign of psychopathy after he announced how he was “feeling all better” after staring at an API for two hours without blinking. Nick played his first game of Fifa resulting in the TV being thrown out the window. And Naresh, his opponent, was never seen again. Thanks for reading and we will see you all again next week!



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