Team JLR: Dev Dev Dev

Hello all!

For those of you who are keen readers, you may believe we have a trial today. Unfortunately, it had to be delayed due to some corporate shenanigans. Welcome to the real world, reader. We just have to roll with the punches. Things can often take time, and for good reason: its important that everything run smoothly.

We didn’t find out about the delay of the trail until a bit later in the week so we carried on preparing for it regardless. While the app is up and running and tested, a trial needs many more logistics, so we’ve put our design hats on and made some flyers to help promote it. While we can’t publish the informative flyer we can show you the flyer given to those who help us!

[Participation Flyer – I’d tell you the website, but then I’d have to kill you]

Now, staging a trial would be useless without receiving feedback. The whole point in going on site is to get valuable feedback from people who are familiar with the products, the processes and new to the idea. We want to hear how we would fit into their lives, and how they want/need us to fit into their lives.

To best get feedback not only will we be capturing the interviews we do on both normal and video cameras but we’ll also be asking for it in writing. We quite liked the idea of the three button system used at some airports and supermarkets so with that in mind we designed a nice feedback flyer. Simply circle the reaction you had to the product and give us some quick feedback!

[Feedback Flyer – A truly immersive experience]

With the planning for the trial all done, we cracked on back to work. This was the first week of the internship that we were in Hursley all week, uninterrupted by client visits or travelling for meetings. We’ve put our heads down and gotten to work.

Craig has been working on the database structure for our app and making sure the rest API can process calls from both of our apps.

Juliette has been working on our customer facing app, based on the wireframes, features, and requirements we’ve created for what our customers need.

Sara has been working on our client facing app, creating a product that meets JLR’s needs.

Natan has gotten down to the nitty gritty business work, organizing the trial, project, and starting to think about the whitepaper delivered at the end.

As you can see we’ve gotten quite a lot done:

Kamban[Kamban Board – Agile Efficiency]

That’s all for now, we have to get back to dev-ing!

See you next week, dear readers. JLR love.


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