Team School Outreach: When the dev gets tough, the tough get devving

Hey everyone, Tom here, delivering to you the week six blog of the schools outreach team. We have had a really productive week of development and would love to share some of this with you today!


Perfectly placed for high quality blog writing

I am currently sitting on a bench overlooking the IBM cricket pitch and club house writing this blog. It’s a comfortable 23 degrees outside and the prospect of a buzzing pub quiz tonight only adds to my good mood. We just delivered our weekly presentation to a room full of IBM staff and I am now taking some down time to write this up. Everyone needs a break after all.

Development has been going really well, moreso than any of us expected. It’s quite natural to take a negative approach to development, assuming every new change will break something else you coded up weeks previously, but we haven’t encountered any major app breakers yet! Plenty of time left though, so we will have to wait and see what happens.

Did I mention Shakib has picked up a new friend this week? It’s anyone’s guess where he got this toy from but it seems to have taken a permanent position on his desk. Maybe I’ll ask him and let you know next week.

Marta has been working around the clock this week trying to organise a test drive for our application. We get encouraged to use agile development techniques, which essentially involves taking any changes we make to the people who will use your product and asking them for advice and feedback before we finalise anything. In principle this is a great strategy, but due to time constraints and lack of availability its difficult to maintain a steady source of testers. Hopefully we will be able to get some feedback within the next week or two and use this to make sure our product will actually have real impact!


Shakib deep in thought whilst Marta and Ioannis code up ready for the weekly presentation

Next week we are delivering whats called the “minimum viable product”, or MVP for short. It is the minimum functionality that we can deliver to our clients and users at the end of the 12 weeks. After this, we will start looking at medium and stretch goals (read: the fun stuff that may need a feasibility re-think but will be immense to try anyway).

That’s all folks. Drop us an email if you have any questions/thoughts, we would love to hear them! Cya next week.


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