Team Big Data

Welcome back. You join us as we enter a really busy stage of the project, with every team now in full development mode the office is a buzz of activity, only broken by the occasional old school classic pop song (Back Street Boys, S Club 7, you get the idea), or a quick game of table football.


This week every team had a live demo, and surprisingly all went without a hitch, well more or less. We used the presentation as an opportunity to show off our very cool text summary feature, taking large unstructured data and extracting key people, locations and concepts. This will be eventually used to summarise client data and send to front-line staff, but given this data is all confidential we decided to try it out on song lyrics and news articles. Both were successful and it was a great step forward to something we can now demo for the client in the coming days using their example data!

A great part of Extreme Blue is the chance to patent any idea you have, no matter how unrelated or crazy it is. This week we had another brainstorming session and really managed to tick the crazy box with some ridiculous ideas, unfortunately they may not lead to any patents, but it was worth it for a bit of fun. Who knows, maybe someone will find a use for them in the future.

Outside the office we had our first (hopefully of many) BBQs, enjoying the warm weather last weekend, but it has now rained almost every day since we bought the BBQ.

2015-07-19 22.05.59

2015-07-19 20.47.26

Here you can see an engineer showing off
 2015-07-20 23.45.26

Thanks for following our progress so far, watch out next week for our week 6 blog, marking the half-way stage of the project!!


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