Team School Outreach: All we do is Dev Dev Dev no matter whaaat!

Hello everyone! Week 5 is almost done and we’re currently putting the final touches on our code before the weekend. Although… let’s face it we’ll probably end up having a developing session during the weekend, right boys?

Merging individual codes on a Friday night
Merging individual codes on a Friday night

Ok so as the title suggests week 5 was mainly about development. The guys and me (Ioannis) kick-started week 5 on Friday night last week (see picture above) by merging the code we wrote individually during week 4. Having a head-start for week 5  helped us present a solid User Interface backed by an IBM Bluemix back-end which received a lot of positive comments. This is now the second successful live demo in the IBM auditorium and we hope to keep it that way!

Developing (pair programming) at the office!
Developing (pair programming) at the office!

So that’s pretty much all you need to know about dev. Moving on to the business side of things, Marta has been doing a great job organizing the project and tasks and producing documentation for all the things we discuss and agree upon with our stakeholders. She’s also refined our main presentation slides theme which is quite popular with IBMers!

Aside from our work, we got a lot of career talks this week which were very helpful in understanding different job roles within IBM. This combined with our CEO’s webcast this week got us more excited about being IBMers – no my manager didn’t ask me to write this.

I almost forgot about the pub quiz! Not all of us were there this week unfortunately. The good news is that the Extreme Blue team (a.k.a Quiztionable ability) was in the lead for quite a long time! Two bad rounds cost us the win and we ended up outside the top three but we’re getting there! (keep an eye out for next week’s post)

Pub Quiz - Quiztionable ability's most
Pub Quiz – Quiztionable ability’s most “glorious”night

That’s all from me! Another great… no wait, our most productive and exciting week so far is over. Well done team!

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next week with more exciting stuff!


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