Team JLR: Meetings, Trials and Calls: oh my

Hello again from team JLR!

We started the week at a client meeting in IBM SouthBank in London. We were in IBM’s client center, in a room named after Sir Isaac Newton, famed apple farmer. The client center is a very swish all white area, possibly modeled after a certain company that thinks different. Theres irony in there if you look hard enough.


Before the meeting could start, Natan had to brief Craig on some things after a weekend hard at work. Note the sign behind them, this is very much the Innovation Theater. We were meeting JLR to discuss the possibility of a customer facing trial next week, as well as to get feedback on the wireframes for our app we’re designing.

Innovation at work

After our meeting we had to work hard to digest all the suggestions given to us as well as plan the rest of our day. Given that we’re creating an app, its imperative we get some phones to test it on. We weren’t allow to buy 4 phones at once online and no one store in London had 4 phones in stock. Luckily however, London had more than one EE store to sell us the phones.

So much waiting time we could take a picture (or 100)

We had to wait in the second EE store for quite a while, apparently monday at 2PM is a hot time to buy phones. Luckily it all paid off and we got what we needed, Monique at the EE store even guessed we needed them for development, and complemented us on our choice of the cheapest phones in the store.

“Can you smile for once please?”

Later in the week we had to iron out the details of the trial so we had a conference call with the clients, we picked a day and will be doing the trial next week on Thursday! Conference call actions shots aren’t generally exciting but we’ve included them anyway:


Oh, and one more thing:

2015-07-22 15.34.48

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