Team MyThings – Week 4 : “Started from the bottom. Still there?”

This was probably our shortest and our longest week at the same time. Weird. I know but that was probably because the presentations were on Wednesday this week and I had to go out for meetings both Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, Nick and I had to go to Sheffield to visit some offices to get collect some data about some of the resources and databases that the Client has access to. And for that trip, we got our hands on a sweet ride. Wasn’t sweet anymore when we returned it though. Let me just say that if I said even one of the things that we did with the car, I might be serving some time.

On the other hand, Alex and Nico had to go to another place for kind of the same reasons but it involved more physical labour than what we had to do. But it was a whole another story for the rest of the teams back at the offices. They got to enjoy Hurfest ( A cool festival with bouncy castles,slides and drinks) at the offices.

Friday though was back to normal. I had to go to London to meet the Client but Alex and Nico were working at base. In the meanwhile, Nick took some off time and left to America for a week. Traitor.

In terms of work, the direction of our project kind of changed after we figured that we had some legal stuff to worry about. Apparently, it is not easy to use manufacturer released APIs to make a product because they claim anything that even vaguely uses them. Sucks! the Client thought so too. We will still be working towards helping the average user but primary focus is to stay out of trouble. Ain’t nobody got time for people claiming our inventions! We will be kind of starting all over again but luckily, everything we have done until this point is useful. It’s from here where we change directions.

Anyway, corporate team pictures were never our thing and this week we don’t have anything fun to share in terms of pictures so I thought it would be cool to end the blog post with a funny TV Show episode. Laugh away!


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