Team JLR – getting arty!

Another week down! We are a third of the way through our project – eek!

Craig and Sara brainstorming this weeks innovation

This week we’ve spent the majority of our time planning  the design of our application with the help of our fabulous design mentors; in an agile way of course! From empathy maps and ‘as is’ diagrams to impact vs feasibly charts, we’ve been getting right down into the startup way of thinking.

As a result we’ve created two personas; meet Keith our delivery driver; and Felix our consumer!

From these personas we’ve established a ‘day in the life’ storyboard for each, which we’ve used to determine the key features we are going to include in our application. From this we have drawn up a detailed list of features, functions and requirements to present to our client.

En-route to a client meeting!

Give us a bone and we’ll run with it! We’ve also designed wireframes for our application. These are quick mock ups of the final product in black and white, just to give a visual idea of the layout. We’ve even managed to source a model car in order to do a practical demonstration at the European Expo!

Craig and Sara play with Herb (our car!)

It’s not all work and no fun (despite work actually being pretty fun!) – we spent Friday night throwing some shapes on the dance floor!

We’ve had the lovely experience of enjoying Hurfest – IBM annual summer party! In the burning sunshine, cider in one hand, croquet mallet in the other, we had a blissful Thursday afternoon.

Croquet shot went a bit wild!
Extreme Celebrations!

That’s all for now dearest readers. Until next week!

Team JLR out.


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