Team School Outreach: Race with time for the first demo!

Hi guys, we’re back again 🙂 From wireframes evaluations to requirements and targets, initial development and our first demo – we’ve been busy here at Hursley!

At IBM we tailor our development to our users’ and clients’ needs. So, it is necessary that we value the user feedback. We’ve learned a lot about how to drive our software design towards a proper user experience and gathered a lot of data from our wireframe evaluation sessions! Finally, we created the design of software we plan to build.

How much can one team get done in 2 days?
How much can one team get done in 2 days?

With the help of IBM Bluemix, we got a backend server side application running in under 10 minutes and could focus more on the ‘actual’ software. Us three techies in the team spent about 2 days in development and came up with our first demo right before the weekly presentation. Needless to say, we rocked the presentation! We had some great feedback from our mentors and everyone really appreciated our progress. Being the first team to demo the project, we’ve now set the bar quite high up for ourselves (and the others!).

Now, towards the end of the week, we’re finalizing our first set of requirements, goals and timelines. The Agile development will surely manipulate these, but at least we can envision our end goals.

At HurFest - probably the craziest employee car!
At HurFest – probably the craziest employee car!

Confession time: we have to say, no one got any work done in the Thursday afternoon as HurFest (the annual IBM Hursley festival) was on. There was mini golf, croquet and even bouncy castles on the lovely grounds in Hursley for IBMers and their families. There was live music, car show, tech show of all innovations happening in the offices and, most of all, a festive atmosphere in the area near the clubhouse.

So, we spent a busy, but nevertheless very fun week in IBM. We’ll be in development, testing and presenting throughout the internship – all the way to the European Expo. See you guys next week 🙂


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