Ever tried to learn a language in a day?

Ever learned a language in a day?

Welcome back dearest readers. You join us at a pivotal moment in our project, having now finished the information collection and planning we were ready to kick off building an application and server to support it……but not so fast. In order to do this we needed to decide the architecture, read up on Bluemix and then learn JavaScript. I believed this would be a trivial task to such an experienced technical team, so I suggested it could be done in a day. They were not sure so sure….Ultimately they had their revenge by making me search and then read multiple licence agreements for the various bits of software we were going to need to use. This was not a fun task.

The weekly presentations now well underway our team made their typical mess up using the clicker. However this week it wasn’t an issue with the wrong button but rather it not working at all.

Thankfully the week ended with the annual Hurfest, a chance for the whole Hursley community and their families to come out and enjoy the weather.

2015-07-16 17.27.14
Our team dominated the Extreme Blue croquet game and definitely enjoyed the break from work.
2015-07-16 15.48.07
Outside of the office our parking games have continued too…

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