Team MyThings Week 3 Update

This was a big week for Team MyThings. We had our first presentation to the Hursley “public” and it was clear that we had a lot of work to do. The most important thing that came from the presentations was that we came across as unclear in our scope.

The best thing about our project is that our client told us from the get-go that we had quite a lot of freedom in how we wanted to steer it. We decided that we wanted to target our project at the average person who might not have much experience with technology and would see the Internet of Things as a burden rather than an aide.

The Internet of Things is a relatively new area that in only just gaining popularity for more than just nerds who want to monitor their house while they’re away from home. We are seeing the Internet of Things become integrated in to our phones, watches, thermostats, doorbells, and so much more, and this will no doubt cause privacy concerns for many people. Our task as a team is to bring the Internet of Things to everybody as something that can make worries such as leaving the stove on a thing of the past.

We have a lot to work on between now and when we go to Amsterdam in September. Between now and then, there will be more expletives thrown at our database than actual data, more time handling the Extreme Stress Ball than our UI, and less rest than our REST-API.

And finally – a snap from our first presentation..

MyThings First Presentation
MyThings First Presentation

One thought on “Team MyThings Week 3 Update

  1. Interesting retrospective on challenges you have faced, with a realistic view on the work to be done. The phrase MyThings now starts to make sense!
    I love the photo, keep up the creativity….
    Scope is always a problem with creating new concept. The ultimate question is do you totally complete one small part of the long term project, or do you build a skeleton of a platform which future engineers use as the basis to add all the components. (Removing ego and ambition from any planning of this move is always a good idea!!)
    As you might gather from my name I’m Alex’s dad. My wife and I are your target market. You might be interested to know that we just bought into the internet of things by purchasing Hive to control our new central heating system. Or should I say we bought Hive2 which was launched last week – because even us oldies want the latest version. Bear that in mind!!!


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