Team JLR: Why hello Jonathan..

Why hello dearest readers,

Apologies for the slightly late post, it’s been a bit of a crazy ride! We are now almost commuters judging by the amount of our time spent in London (Fundon), but it’s paying off as we spent two Thursday’s ago meeting with John from John Lewis – apparently not the actual John but we’re not convinced….

John Lewis Headquater
John Lewis Headquaters
Juliette makes a friend at John Lewis Click + Collect
Juliette makes a friend at John Lewis Click + Collect

On the Friday, we managed to actually stay in Hursley and had a very exciting workshop about IBM’s newest shiny cloud – IBM Bluemix. Bluemix is a cloud platform as a service developed by IBM which supports several programming languages as well as having integrated DevOps to build, run, deploy and manage applications on the cloud. Hopefully it will provide us with a great platform off which we will later build our applications and services.

The following week we discovered what IBM actually stands for… Important Bloody Meetings! With meetings with both our JLR clients on the Monday as well as another meeting with more innovation consultants from John Lewis on the Friday – to which we discovered they thought we were making some kind of promotional video? If only it were that easy!

Innovation Everywhere
Innovation Everywhere

However, with another technical crash course in D3.js (a useful tool for visualisations) and a couple of patent mentor meetings, we’re now finally getting down to the technical side of our project, sourcing brilliant mentors to give us a hand.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, on Thursday we took part in the first of a series of Extreme Blue presentations and Q&As with a full room of IBM experts and interested parties. Fortunately all went to plan and the presentation was a success! Definitely a nerve-wracking experience, but nevertheless an invaluable practice for our eventual presentation to be given at the Amsterdam Expo in 9 weeks time!

Team JLR Presentation
Team JLR Presentation

Outside of our project, we’ve continued to bond with our extreme housemates with some extreme Friday entertainment and an extremely close pub quiz that saw the team in first for most of a round!

Keep in touch as there is plenty happening fast with design thinking workshops, databasing and REST API tutorials just around the corner!

Till then, take care folks!


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