Team our data is bigger than yours – Week 3

It’s been a crazy week – wire frames, presentations, and more brainstorming. Finally it feels as though the project is starting to take shape though as the scope becomes more defined and our ideas and understanding clearer. We are now at the stage of beginning further tests with our client to ensure that our ideas meet their expectations. Going forward it will be exciting to begin building our ideas in code though!


As I’m sure all the other teams will have mentioned this week’s presentations were the first exposure our projects had to the IBM world, our precious ideas laid bare ready to potentially be ripped to shreds by a gathered crowd. Thankfully this was no Game of Thrones and we got through relatively unscathed, despite 75% of the team pressing the wrong button on the clicker! I can confirm that the irony of being the third person to make this incredibly basic mistake, whilst employed by one of the world’d largest technology companies, didn’t pass me by. With just three days now until the next presentation the pressure is really on for our team to perfect our clicker use.

In more exciting news the Extreme Blue pub quiz team reached new heights on Thursday night. Knowledge of Wimbledon, Myst as well as antiques of all things gave us early success and having held a 13 point lead with two rounds to go we were feeling a little confident that we might complete a deserved victory. It wasn’t to be, and seeing a team containing some of our mentors surge in front late on didn’t help our mood as we headed home 5th overall. A disappointing result given the early promise, however this does still mean constant improvement week-on-week for the Extreme Blue teams.

Apologies for the lack of pictures in this week’s blog, must try harder next week.


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