Team JARVIS (MyThings) #backstreetsback

Welcome back to the fabled adventure of Team JARVIS! I’ll get to the actual work we’ve done later, but for now, I’m going to give you a brief glimpse at one of the week’s more interesting activities: As you may have noticed, our team did not post a photo of ourselves on the blog for the first week. This was partly because we never found a good time for a photo but also because we wanted to make it interesting! Rather than a group selfie on a smart phone, we decided to book ourselves into the green screen at IBM and have a professional photographer take some less conventional team photos… Working on our tans:


Together, we have a dream:


And of course my personal favourite, the boys!


There will be more photos to come as we edit them so stay tuned for more beautiful shots! So anyway, back to business: With week 1 having been mainly focused on team inductions and project briefings, we were really looking forward to getting our teeth into the project in week 2. After meeting with the client at the end of previous week, we were able to start developing our ideas for what we should achieve for the product during our time on Extreme Blue. It would be really easy for us to make a product that was innovative and technically interesting but without considering the abilities and views of the average user. To do this, we tried to get into the heads of our target audience. For example, how would my mum react if I put our system in from of her and asked her to use it? This helped us decide on the overall focus of the project and what features were necessary to allow anyone to be able to use it. To create this product, IBM has a catalogue of software services available to its customers. This was an interesting challenge for the team as it required us to become familiar with new software environments such as IBM Bluemix and the cloud database service, Cloudant. This week has emphasised the promotion of personal development on the Extreme Blue scheme as IBM is willing to push us to achieve the best possible project with our time.


One thought on “Team JARVIS (MyThings) #backstreetsback

  1. Nice photo’s guys. That fifth team member looks a bit dodgy! I never thought of Nick Carter as a techy pop star…..
    Interesting blog. I look forward to future updates (and being non the wiser as to what the heck you are actually doing….)
    I think the big challenge here is to keep those photo’s innovative & funny (without upsetting Big Blue of course). Since you started with pop stars how about some Glastonbury or Tea in the Park themed shots. You guys would look great on the Pyramid stage…..


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